Anna Kolosova

I had a long journey to jewelry making. It feels that almost all my life I was trying to make something but never understood what I should be doing. I used to do beading as a child. I used to to cross-stitching and sewing in bracelets and other decorations, then another my passion is nature , geology, plants and the world around us, so after I have realized that I want to do more then just putting beads together and I needed to learn using basic tools and I have discovered an opportunity to study in the Morley college at their evening classes. This helped me to discover lot's of things. I do something totally different for living and jewelry making is only a way to free myself from daily stresses, fulfill and express myself. I am no way professional, I just see objects and try to recreate them with metal and other media. I am more interested in object and it's story and meaning rather then making. I can use pebble from the beach or driftwood or gemstone with same success. I think what i do is not everyone's cup of tea, but I feel more it gets noticed so I should carry on learning path!
MADE Jewellery and Textiles 2019 at Morley Gallery
Five Gold Rings at Morley Gallery
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