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Anne Morgan

Anne Morgan
10 Dryden Road
Vale of Glamorgan
South Wales
Cf64 2RT
Anne enjoys silver’s potential for texture and her ranges explore the relationship of look and feel in the materials she uses. Her creations proudly show off their origins in workshop experimentation. This is what makes her reticulated silver surfaces in particular unique: each marks a precise moment in which she withdraws her flame from part-liquefied silver.
Once she has perfected these surfaces Anne off sets them with strong lines. She forges a relationship between organic texture and a simple geometry, rather like the placing of a formal structure in a natural landscape.

Anne makes jewellery using reticulated silver and combining semi-precious stones. Her new work ‘Coast’ is supported by the Arts Council of Wales and uses a combination of her own work and found objects gathered from coastlines. The objects are both natural and manmade treasures. On trips to the beaches she has been able to collect some interesting driftwood that she has incorporated into her pieces. They are often one off designs.
Anne has also been lucky enough to be selected to design and make the crown for the 2012 The National Eisteddfod, which will be held in The Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.
forthcoming exhibitions:

The Contemporary Craft Fair, Bovey Tracey, Devon 2012
National Eisteddfod of Wales Exhibition Hall 2012
Anne was born in Keynsham (Avon) in 1974. Educated in Warwickshire and Buckinghamshire, Anne graduated from The Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College in 1996 with a BA(Hons) in Designed Metalwork and Jewellery. She moved to Cardiff, South Wales, where she set up her first workshop. Anne was selected for membership to the Makers Guild in Wales in 1998 and exhibits work in Craft in the Bay, the outlet for the Guild. She also exhibits with the Guild internationally and nationally.
Anne is a member of the Association of Contemporary Jewellery and has participated in exhibitions organised by the ACJ, ‘Jewellery Unlimited’ in Bristol and ‘Heirloom’ in London. She has also exhibited with the Germany counterpart of ACJ, Forum Fur Schmuck und Design E.V, in a touring exhibition ‘Ursprung’ (Origin) in 2006.

Anne received a grant from the Arts Council of Wales in 2007/08. The grant enabled her to look at the contrasting aesthetics of manmade and natural objects. Rather like the placing of a formal structure in a natural environment- A wind turbine set against a rugged seascape- A chalk white horse drawn on to a hill- An upright lighthouse set amongst the cliffs. Even the clean shiny textures of the rings we wear contrasting with our skin. The contrasts of shape and texture can be seen in everything we see in our environment. In addition she also looked at the containment of data within a wearable piece of jewellery. Designed not only to be worn ‘Remember’ is an interface into the memories of the wearer. When the USB chip is plugged into the computer, the wearer has access to a myriad of multimedia. Photographs, songs, sound recordings, videos etc…. most treasured memories, stored in the jewellery, each piece individual and customizable, unique to the wearer.

She continues to expand her work using her well developed technique of reticulation, which she combine with semi precious stones such as garnet and aquamarine. The textures of her pieces work particularly well with stones such as Lava. Anne creates small batches and limited edition pieces that are highly desirable.

Featured in Jewellers the directory guide to jewellers in the UK all of whom are ACJ members published 2007.
Project Grant of £4,500 from Arts Council of Wales.
Article in Craftsman Magazine Oct 2005
Featured in The Jeweler’s Directory of Decorative Finishes by Jinks McGrath Published by Quarto 2005
Featured on Heno S4C 2005
Awarded a Grant from the Innovation Credit Programme by Welsh Development Agency through Design Wales 2005
‘One Wales’ feature 2001-04
South Wales Argus featured in Business Focus 2002
‘Welsh Living’ feature 2001
Appeared on ‘The Wrap’ BBC Choice 2000
Selected for Makers Guild in Wales 1998

Anne has set up and taught on City & Guilds Jewellery course at Coleg Glan Hafren since 1998. She now teaches Adult Education around Penarth and Cardiff.
Image 1
moon shell pendants
Image 2
cracked moon lens with fluorite
Image 3
lava and cracked dome necklace with garnet