Dominique Toucheteau

Dominique Toucheteau
Ashgate Gallery .Farnham .Group Show .April 2004.
Barnstaple Museum Open Art Show .Jaunuary 2011.
Craftsmanship and Design Award Show .Goldsmith Hall .London .March 2011.
Origin .Spitalfield Market .October 2011.
Dominique was born in La Rochelle ,France. After a degree in sculptor at the Beaux Arts in Bordeaux she moved to London in 1992.
Dominique interest in jewellery began with a desire to create individual pieces for herself and her close friends and this has since expanded in a thriving practice including a collection of bracelets , necklaces , rings , earrings and cufflinks .
She hand weaves precious metal wires to create organic patterns and surfaces with textile qualities .She uses semi precious stones cut or uncut to provide contrast with the weaving .
This technique offers endless possibilities and surprises with every twist and turn. She starts with an idea which will often take it's own shape or direction , triggering an idea for the next piece.It's a constantly evolving process .
At the beginning of 2011 Dominique received an award at the Craftsmanship and Design Competition .She had designed a ring with an hematite and her trademark weaving .
The ring was subsequently on display at the Goldsmith Hall in London.
Image 1
Blue agate and woven silver bracelet
Image 2
Gold plated silver bracelet
Image 3
Hematite and woven silver ring