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Eni Jewellery

Eleni Koumara
Flat 22 Joubert Mansions Jubilee Place sw33th
Launched in London, Eni Jewellery offers a new grunge.

Our collections are aimed at the fashionable, modern woman who wants to express her individuality. Regardless of age or seasonal trends.

Each collection is developed and designed by Eleni Koumara, and therefore expresses her distinctive and original style.

Eleni has incorporated an eco friendly philosophy, using eco and recycled silver and recycled promoting materials.

The brand’s jewellery is sculptural, modern and handmade, with a distinct style.
9/2022 | China Fashion Week | China
6/2022 | China Fashion Week | China
10/2021 – 10/2021 | Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition | BIFT Beijing
10/2019 | Dutch Design Week | Eindhoven, Netherlands
01/2019 | 71th Modern creations show, MEC | Athens
08/2018 – 02/2019 | 4th Triple Parade Contemporary Jewellery Biennial | Shanghai
01/2018 | 69th Modern creations show, MEC | Athens
08/2017 | Beyond The Blue, Gill Wing Contemporary Jewellery Gallery | London
10/2016 | Autumn Market , Crate Brewery | London
08/2016 | Pop up ,The Hackney Shop | London
12/2015 | Etsy Made Local, The Vinyl Factory | London
07/2015 | Designer Fashion Pop Up Show, Dewar Studios | London
06/2015 | Art Fair day, Whitestone Pond NW3, Hampstead | London
09/08/14-10/08/14 | August Artfordable Fair, 13 The Gallery | London
22/4/2012 | Jewellery Trunk Show, Artconnect | Berlin Germany
1/2012 | Handmade creations bazaar | Thessaloniki, Greece
Eleni is a self - taught jeweller, but having a love with jewellery since she remembers her self, decided to quit her web developer career back in 2016 and launch Eni Jewellery.

Design and manufacture have conducted her on a path of continuous research starting from single shapes, or moments drawn from life, refashioned in a creation process that often spin off in unforeseen and unanticipated directions. The process of giving life to an idea, milling it with fire and hammer, leaves her always pleasantly surprised.

Since 2016 she has incorporated an eco-friendly philosophy, using recycled promoting materials and is proud to have signed up to be one of the jewellers certified to work with Fairtrade gold and silver.

She is happy to work with very talented people, and building relationships with agencies and showrooms all over the world.

Eleni is honoured to see her collections showcased in various shows in the UK, Europe and China, and collaborate with well established businesses in the industry like FarFetch, The Wolf Badger and SEEKD. Her jewellery has been loved by Vogue UK, SWITCH and NAJ UK, among other magazines.

Most importantly, she is glad she can make jewellery that don't hurt our precious planet or it's people.
Image 1
Blue topaz and agate ring
Image 2
Braided hoops
Image 3
Enyo Necklace