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Gillian Ryan Dalnaskhl Design

Gillian Ryan
South Ayrshire
Gillian works mostly in precious metals and is fascinated by texture and shape, producing designs which are biomorphic in appearance and result in three dimensional pieces of wearable mini sculpture.
This results in her jewellery being of an organic shape and texture, with the majority of work being formed by hand and hammer which gives each piece individuality, originality and its own identity.
Craftex 2013 - Merit - Trades House, Glasgow.
Craftex 2014 - Merit - Trades House, Glasgow.
Craftex 2015 - Winner Fashion Advanced - Trades House, Glasgow.
2015 - Handmade by Machines - The Lighthouse, Glasgow.
Artist Showcase - Rozelle House Galleries, Ayr.
"Art on the Wing" Exhibition - Rozelle House Galleries, Ayr.
Souter Johnnie's Cottage Gallery - National trust for Scotland, Kirkoswald.
OSA Annual Showcase - Rozelle House Galleries, Ayr.
Open Studios Ayrshire 2017
Souter Johnnie's Cottage Gallery - Kirkoswald.
Summer Exhibition 2017 - Electric Brae Gallery, Croy.
Six Foot Gallery - Glasgow.
Artist Showcase 2017 - Gaiety Theatre, Ayr.
Scotland Inspired - The Barony Centre, West Kilbride.
Winter Open 2017 - Northlands Creative, Caithness.
Alternative Giving - The Barony Centre, West Kilbride.
Six Foot Gallery 2018 Showcase - Glasgow.
Souter Johnnie's Cottage Gallery - Kirkoswald.
Summer Exhibition 2018 - Electric Brae Gallery, Croy.
Winter Open 2018 - Northlands Creative, Caithness.
Visual Arts Scotland Exhibition - Tatha Gallery, Fife.
Rolling 2019 Exhibitions - Electric Brae Gallery, Croy.
Souter Johnnie’s Gallery - National Trust for Scotland, Kirkoswald.
Presence of jewellery at The Barony Centre, Ayrshire.
Return to Nature - Legacy Arts Gallery, Todmorden.
Kunsthuis Gallery - Krayke.
North - Visual Arts Scotland, Inverness.
Although having followed a different career path, Gillian's passion was always within the world of the Creative Industries. From an early age she tinkered with art and craft, becoming adept at creating items by hand, using a myriad of materials and teaching herself design and technical skills from books as well as from trial and error.

A family and a career break was followed by a move home to her roots in Ayr, and afterwards she returned to study again, this time as a mature student, finding herself able to follow a dream through acceptance to study Jewellery Design. She then spent three incredibly satisfying years learning the skills and necessities of the trade. This challenge led her to becoming the 2015 winner of the Craftex Award for Jewellery – Fashion Advanced, from Trades House in Glasgow.

She now works from a studio in Ayr and takes inspiration from what is around her, feeling privileged and humbled by the flora and fauna, as well as the history and heritage in which the area is steeped.
Image 1
Fold formed twists
Image 2
Fold formed pods
Image 3