Wild Shores Jewellery Designs

Gillian Davies
Wild Shores Jewellery Designs, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Wild Shores jewellery is designed and handmade by me, Gillian Davies, in a beautiful, remote corner of the Isle of Lewis. The weather can be ferocious and unforgiving. But I am in love with island life, and living here is the inspiration for my jewellery.

My work is varied and uses a number of traditional skills. All of my jewellery reflects something of what I see and feel about the intense natural environment and culture that surrounds me.

I enjoy forming silver, making sculptural forms. I also love the more organic forms that can be achieved through wax carving and lost wax casting. I am also building a collection of simple pendants etched in my own designs, reflecting the ever changing views around Uig Bay.

I am a hoarder of old seapottery shards - I find them on the beach in front of my house. It gives me a lot of pleasure to give them a new purpose, set proudly in silver, they make beautiful individual pieces of jewellery.
I have no exhibitions planned at present but my work will shortly be available in Empty House Traders, Stornoway, and Uig Sands Restaurant, Timsgarry.
Image 1
Wild Shores Sgoth Pendant
Image 2
Wild Shores Crest Earrings
Image 3
Wild Shores Breaking Wave Ring