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Joanne Haywood

Joanne Haywood
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A piece of writing I often think about, most recently when the Anglo-Saxon hoard was found in Staffordshire, is Virginia Woolf’s descriptions and feeling of Minta’s Missing Brooch in "To The Lighthouse". The Brooch is lost somewhere out there. The identity of the object is lost. Does it exist because we cannot see it or does it exist in a stronger altered state almost stronger as a memory. In the same way that we might think of a garment or pair of shoes we had as a child. We cannot see that object but it does exist in a very real almost hyper real way as a colour, pattern, smell or occasion connected to it. This feeling is what I am trying to capture in my jewellery objects.

When I enter a museum and look at objects I immediately think who has made it, who used it. A ceramic pot made thousands of years ago may hold the finger push mark of the person that fashioned it. Often a museum object seems to breathe, it seems to hold a story of its own. You do not have access to it, we can never really know what it was in its previous life. Often I try and imagine the people owning the objects and the whole environment that might have surrounded it. These artefacts we see in museums are always imbued with an energy and it is odd to see them behind glass with a printed description. This is so far removed from their previous use as a worn object or domestic tool. I think it is the human interaction with the objects that I find interesting and the opposite ways they have lived, first in a home and then museum. I imagine the object knows and has memory of everything that has happened to it, words that were spoken next to it, or the smell of the cooking near by. I am obsessed with objects. For me an object especially an old one with a function or the suggestion of ritual, myth, tradition or magic, that is what makes my mind buzz.
Recent and upcoming

2015 Intrinsic- Craft in the bay – Cardiff – Wales.
Nicola Hurst Gallery - Plymouth
Craft and Design Gallery - Leeds
2015 City Lit Visual Arts Show – City Lit, London
2014 The Earring Show – Velvet Da Vinci – San Francisco, USA.
2014 City Lit Visual Arts Show – City Lit, London
2014 ACJ ICONS Exhibition - National Centre for Craft & Design, Sleaford
2014 Duplicata. Exposition internationale de boucles d'oreilles -
Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h - Montréal
2014 Gioielli alternative - Unconventional Jewels - Abilmente Fair - Vicenza
2014 Spring Showcase – Bilston Craft Gallery, Bilston
2013 Pinpoint – One church street Gallery – Bucks.
2013 Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial - Beijing Institute of Fashion
Technology, Beijing.
2013 Bring Back the dead – Whitespace, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2013 Brooching Verona - Association Nurò .NDF Atelier, Verona, Italy.
2013 Enchanted Dialougues:30 Brooches in Tribute of Verona,
Association Nurò .NDF Atelier, Verona, Italy.
2013 Staff Show – Jewellery Week, City Lit, London
2013 City Lit Visual Arts Show – City Lit, London
2013 Fascino Tessile - Association Nurò .NDF Atelier, Verona, Italy.
2012 ACJ Diamond Jubilee Exhition (Touring Exhibition)
School Of Jewellery, BIAD, Birmingham
Llantrisant Model House Gallery, Llantrisant
The Goldsmiths' Centre, London
SH Jewellery, Edinburgh
North Glasgow College, Glasgow
2012 Pantree in the park - Greenwich
2012 Tales of the city – City Lit, London
2012 City Lit Staff Art and Design Show – City Lit, London
2011 Suscon – Sustainable Fair, Kent
2011 Similar Threads - Edau Tebyg, Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno
2011 Craftsense, Bilston Craft Gallery, Bilston
2010 All Wired Up - SDC Gallery, London
2010 Thread Bare - Rochester Art Gallery and Craft Case, Kent
2010 Very Valentines - Ferrers Gallery, Leicestershire
2009 Metal Market (BSA) – Millennium Gallery, Sheffield
2009 The New Bling – Object Fetish, San Francisco, USA
2009 Contemporaine - Bijoux de Couleur, Friar Lane Gallery, Nottingham
2009 Blütenzauber – Handwerksform, Hannover
2009 In Their Own Words – Bank Street Arts, Sheffield
2009 Ten - Bilston Craft Gallery, Bilston
2009 Handarbeit – Craft2eu, Hamburg
2009 Sustainable style - Victoria Sewart, Plymouth
2009 Art of the STITCH 08/09 - Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Fundación Valentín de Madariaga-MP, Seville, Spain
2008 Waterhall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Deutsches Textilmuseum, Krefeld, Germany
2008 Genesis 08’ – SDC Gallery, London
2008 12 Glass Cabinets – Bank Street Arts, Sheffield
2008 For some, culture is an earring - Galerie caractère, Switzerland
2008 Christmas Crackers – Millennium Galleries, Sheffield
2008 50 Rings – Space Craft, Belfast
2008 Jewellery Showcase - Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham
2008 120 – SDC Gallery, London
2008 Jewellery Installation – Canary Wharf, London
2008 TREASURE at the Tower of London
2008 Summer Exhibition – Diana Porter, Bristol
2008 Jewellery Showcase – Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield
2008 Showcase – Denbigh Art Gallery, Denbigh
2008 Showcase - Rhyl Arts Centre, Rhyl
2008 Spring Showcase – Bilston Craft Gallery, Bilston
2008 Fabricate – Rye Art Gallery, Sussex
2008 Eye Catcher – Craft2eu, Hamburg
2008 Botanica – RBSA, Birmingham
Commission Work
2015 Textile Jewellery Workshop – Warner Textile Archive
2014 Speaking at the ACJ ICONS Symposium
2014 Making More commission - Making Space & LV21 Ltd – Arts Council Funded
2013 Communication Sponsor - Myths/Mythen. Jewellery design from Greece
2011 Communication Sponsor - The Olive Tree A Rooster Called Home
2011 The Olive Tree A Rooster Called Home, essay for Loukia Richards catalogue “The Conundrum of Textiles”.
2010 Promopress. Essay for “New Rings”
2009 Quarto. Design chapter for “Contemporary Jewellery Making Techniques”
2009 Bilston “Ten” Commission
2008 A&C Black. Chapter for “Jewellery Using Textile Techniques”
2007 A&C Black. Commissioned to write “Mixed Media Jewellery”
Image 1
Auricula Brooch. Materials: silver, brass, Italian silks, felt.
Image 2
“Woolgathering” A neckpiece for Patti Smith. Hand felted surface, Italian silks, silver, gold, English paper pieced patchwork, faceted blood (stones).
Image 3
Blàth Brooch Materials: merino felt, silver, Italian silks, shell, lapis, Harris tweed.