Julia Parry Jones

Julia Parry-Jones
07808 930694
A collector by nature, Julia draws inspiration from fragments, curiosities and hidden treasures. Fascinated with the minute and delicate, she creates contemporary, intriguing and feminine jewellery, inviting the wearer to explore the hidden narrative within each piece.

Precious and natural materials are embellished with vintage finds, and worked using traditional and contemporary jewellery making techniques.
From dainty studs to tumbling neckpieces, Julia’s diligent attention to detail and love of the eclectic is evident.

Julia’s current collection is inspired by the treasure hoarding habits of the bowerbird, and explores the deliberate contrast of materials, forms and colours through their placement. Hardwoods, vintage elements and semi-precious stones are scattered amongst a showcase of silver and 9 carat gold, carefully arranged until a sense of harmony is achieved through their mismatching chaos.

Since completing her training, Julia has exhibited and sold her work widely through galleries and exhibitions across the UK.
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