Liana Pattihis

'The processes Liana uses in making her jewellery are ones of building and burying...The natural quality of the surface gives a feel of a much earlier age, yet buried

under the enamel are anonymous, potentially unattractive, silver chains of this age of mass production. The point of delight is not only that unique, colourful and exciting pieces of

jewellery are created, but that the rules of enamelling have been broken and rewritten so successfully.'

Caroline Broadhead August 2010
Selected group exhibitions:
2020 Collect open in collaboration with Sofia Bjorkman, London UK
2019 New York Jewellery Week, represented by Charon Kransen Arts
2019 Joya Barcelona Jewellery and Objects, Design Museum, Barcelona, Spain
2019 Athens Jewelry Week, Benaki Museum, Pireos, Athens Greece
2019 Gioielli in Fermento International Competition and Exhibition, Italy
2019 Bijoux en Effervescence, as part of Gioielli in Fermento, Gallerie La Joiaillerie par
Mazlo, Paris, France
2018 New York Jewelry Week, Represented by Charon Kransen Arts
2018 SOFA Chicago, Represented by Charon Kransen Arts
2018 Un Bel Panorama, as part of Gioielli in Fermento, Art Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia
2018 Triple Parade, Shanghai China, as part of AGC Italy
2018 Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery and Objects, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, Spain
2018 Athens Jewelry Week, Benaki Museum Pireos, Athens Greece
2018 A Flor De Piel, Mistral Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2018 Hidden Curriculum, Atelier Cepissakova, Munich, Germany
2018 Collect at Saatchi Gallery Represented by Joya Barcelona.
2017 SOFA Chicago, Represented by Charon Kransen Arts
2017 Vicenza Oro, Italy
2017 Joya Barcelona, Guest Artist
2017 Natura Pretiosa, Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo, Livorno, Italy
2017 Athens Jewelry Week
2017 Dialoghi AGC and JJDA Collaborative Exhibition
2017 Museo del Bijou Casalmaggiore
2016 SOFA Chicago (Represented by Charon Kransen Arts)
2016 Oratorio di S. Rocco, Padua, Italy
2016 Cominelli Foundation
2016 Museum Mediterraneo Livorno, Italy
2016 Joya Barcelona Jewellery Week, Barcelona, Spain
2016 The After Joya Effect III, Athens, Greece
2016 Athens Jewelry Week
2016 Gioielli in Fermento, Torre Fornello, Italy
2016 ‘Unclasped’ Hellenic Museum Melbourne Australia
2015 Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo, Japan.
2015 Jewel Museum, Kofu Japan
2015 A Jewel Made In Greece, Athens Greece
2014 Gioielli in Fermento, Torre Fornello, Italy.
2013 Galerie Hélène Aziza – Beyond Precious, Circuits Bijoux, Paris France
2013 Museum of Arts and Design New York
2012 Joya Contemporary Jewellery exhibition - Guest Artist
2011 Contemporary Applied Arts London
2009 Goldsmith’s Fair London
2009 SOFA Santa Fe, Represented by Charon Kransen Arts New York
2008 SOFA New York, Represented by Charon Kransen Arts New York
2007 Electrum Gallery London
2007 Galerie Marzee Netherlands, Graduation Show
I was born in Cyprus and have been living in London since 1980. Initially trained as an Interior Designer, I attended Jewellery Design at Middlesex University. I graduated with First Class Honours in 2007, before establishing my own art-jewellery practice in North London.

Stretching the boundaries of what can be achieved with enamel as a medium, I have developed my own unique method of sifting and fusing it on a movable base. My work comprises mainly brooches and necklaces made out of silver and gold chain alone, or chain attached onto a copper mesh base which is then enameled. The appeal to me is that each piece is unique. My designs cannot be pre-conceived; each piece is allowed to create itself.

I have exhibited internationally:
At Electrum Gallery London (2007), at Galerie Marzee
Netherlands (2007), at Goldsmiths’ Fair London (2009), at
Contemporary Applied Arts London (2011), at SOFA (New York, Chicago, Santa Fe) and Art Palm Beach (2008-present) with Charon Kransen Arts New York. Liana has also exhibited in Italy, Cyprus and Israel. She was selected to take part in Joya Contemporary Jewellery exhibition in Barcelona for three consecutive years since 2009 and has been selected to return as a Guest Artist in 2012. In November 2010 Liana had her first solo exhibition in London titled ‘Alysodeméno’-'Chained' supported by the Hellenic Centre.

This exhibition is travelling to The Benaki Museum in Pireos, Athens Greece from April 25 - May 27 2012.
Image 1
02-Coral Red Diamond Chain Lapel Brooch 01-2010
Image 2
05-Shades of Black Round Link Necklace 01, 2009
Image 3
010-Coral Red Snake Chain Brooch, 2010