Lieta Marziali
07718 585025
Making is central to my personal and spiritual growth. I always say that any investigation into the production of new pieces is very much about “making me” as well as making new work. My practice is slow and mindful, not only of the provenance and destination of each piece, but also of my natural cycles of thinking and making. I am also very interested in the calm and the discipline that can be learnt through making and I often like to channel my instinctive and eruptive creative inner self through meditative, challenging and process-intensive work.

Narrative is the driving force behind my thinking, and the need to say, comment or express fills most of my work. A title is often how a new piece will first manifest itself. Sometimes from simply holding a trivial found object which just spoke to me from the ground, sometimes from a recurring word or phrase echoing in my head, sometimes from the need to understand and communicate feelings or personal history. Materials, with no hierarchy of value, are included simply according to how they fit my story. My design process is dictated by an innate make-do attitude: as with everything else in life, I thrive on applying my knowledge to constructive problem solving and finding workable solutions from available resources and basic staples.

Most of the stories I tell come to be embodied in a one-off piece or ensemble, or a limited-edition body of work. Like a short story or novella, they are born in my creative world with a more definite beginning and end. But there are times when I happen upon narratives that just work at a slower pace. I like to think of them as stories that need to be re-examined and retold from different angles. And this is where my series are born, never knowingly finite but projects that remain open to be revisited. Re-explored. Re-experienced. And, above all, re-enjoyed.



- DISCOVERY, Garland Magazine, Crafts Council Australia (online)
- TRASH ART, Groundwork Gallery, King's Lynn, UK

- SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- JEWELLERY AND MUSIC, Tincal Lab, Porto, Portugal
- SO FRESH + SO CLEAN - Ethical Metalsmiths' International Student Exhibition (USA-based, online)
- IDENTITY, Festival of Silver, selected for the XXVI International Jewellery Competition, Legnica, Poland
- 20:20 VISIONS - The ACJ's 20th anniversary touring exhibition, UK locations

- JEWELLERY AND CINEMA, Tincal Lab, Porto, Portugal
- PASS IT ALONG, international collaborative project (online)

- JEWELLERY AND ARCHITECTURE, Tincal Lab, Porto, Portugal
- NEW DESIGNERS, Business Design Centre, London, UK
- DEGREE SHOW, Colchester School of Art, Colchester, UK

- HAVAGO FESTIVAL, The Forum, Norwich, UK
- NEW DESIGNERS, Business Design Centre, London, UK
- CHANGING HUES: COLOR EMBRACED BY METALSMITHS AROUND THE WORLD, The Ganoksin Project annual international online exhibition (permanent gallery at

- UNDERSONG, Belfry Arts Centre, Overstrand, Norfolk, UK
- THE BUTTON PROJECT, Silk Museums, Macclesfield, UK
- LIMINAL, SlackSpace, Colchester, UK

- FORGING AHEAD, a curated exhibition of metal art. Belfry Arts Centre, Overstrand, Norfolk, UK
– SHOW OF HANDS, The Benham Gallery, Cuckoo Farm Studios, Colchester


I grew up in Italy, where I soon discovered I fitted in like a square peg in a round hole. So, at the age of 20, I moved to London and, after graduating in English Literature, I pursued diverse and progressively more interesting careers in publishing, hospitality and archaeology. Until my mid-thirties, when I found my true calling and retrained in the jewellery quarter in London and through a second degree in Three-Dimensional Design and Craft. I practise happily from my studio in north Norfolk, on the North Sea coast, which has been my home and constant source of inspiration since 2008, and I am now undertaking new research into my practice through an MA at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in London.

More Images

Image 1
"De-liberate" (brooch) - 18ct gold, pebble, steel, silver 925 (credit Andi Sapey)
Image 2
"Everything I've Ever Loved About You" (neckpiece) - copper, driftwood, amber
Image 3
"Imrpovisa" (neckpiece) Brass, copper, vintage beads, mounted vintage faux pearl, recycled silver, bone, key