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Lisa Crockard

Lisa Crockard
After graduating with a degree in Textile Design from Glasgow School of Art and a successful career in fashion buying in London, Lisa returned home to her creative roots in Scotland to study jewellery.

Lisa now designs and produces contemporary, geometric, hand-crafted and 3D printed jewellery from her base in Paisley, Scotland. With inspiration being found particularly in architecture & architectural details, geometric forms and man-made objects, she develops and translates her ideas into elegant yet strong pieces.

Contrasts are important, especially in textures, finishes and materials. Traditional hand-making techniques, such as keum-boo & reticulation, are combined with CAD, to produce low key luxury jewellery for those who don’t want to wear ordinary. Her passion for using sterling silver, gold and beautiful stones means each piece develops its own identity. Each pieces is crafted individually and can be customised or made bespoke.
Image 1
LABYRINTH Circle Earrings
Image 2
LINEAR Oxidised Series
Image 3
LC Gold and Tourmaline Angle Ring