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Lucy Sylvester

Lucy Sylvester
Studio 23
23 Wales Street
Kings Sutton
OX17 3RR
Lucy believes you cannot compete with the beauty of nature, its perfect lines, textures and structures.
She casts from her delicate woodland finds, creating exact replicas of the original forms that retain the finest details.
Her fine botanical jewellery includes fragile lichens, sycamore seeds, budding twigs and leaves in solid silver and gold, often combined with a scattering of diamonds.
As the seasons change, nature provides new inspiration, designs grow and evolve as the countryside changes throughout the year.
Since completing her MA at the School of jewellery in Birmingham, Lucy has exhibited her work around the world, and her work has been featured in many books and magazines.
Her Hawk moth and poppy ring was chosen by the lead costume designer Michele Clapton to be worn by Sansa Stark on the medieval fantasy television drama Game Of Thrones.
Image 1
Hawthorn leaf and stag beetle with diamonds and Australian boulder opals.
Image 2
Woodland engagement ring, gold twigs and diamond.
Image 3
Gold Oak leaf and diamond ring.