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Viktoria Munzker

Viktoria Munzker
By focusing on the essentials we reach the blurred lines between natural and artificial. These relationships are the jewel in the composition of freedom and individual expression.
Sometimes we see only what we want to see. Sometimes it's enough. We want to know the truth behind the things.Truth is freedom. So we ask, investigate and are curious. We want to find out how things work. We are creating universe with the least constraint. The need to create is an elementar necessity of us all.
Last exhibitions:
2016 · Eligius Schmuckpreis in MAK, Vienna, Spetember 2016
2016 · JOYA 2016 September-Oktober 2016 Barcelona
2016 · After JOYA effect III, Popeye loves Olive, Athens, Greece
2016 · 20 Years of Atelier STOSSIMHIMMEL, Vienna, Austria
2016 · Eligius Schmuckpreis Presentation, Salzburg, Austria
2016 · The Legacy Collection at The Melting Point 2016 at PERIS ROCA Orfebres Valencia, Spain
2016 · Gioielli in Fermento, Torre Frnello, Italy
2016 . “Gems and Jewels” Gallery Febo & Dafne, Torino, Italy

For more information
1992 – 1996 Gymnasium in Bratislava
2001 – 2007 Academy of fine Arts and Design Bratislava, Department Jewellery and Metal (Prof. Karol Weisslechner)
2003 – 2004 Educational theory Studies of Fine Arts
2007 Graduation in Master of Arts, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava (Prof. Karol.Weisslechner)

2009-2014 Jewellery studio STOSSIMHIMMEL, Studio for contemporary Jewelry, Vienna, Austria
Since January 2011 self-employment Jewelry artist.

2016 - First Prize in Arts and Craft Design Award-
2013 – First prize in Gioielli in Fermento 2013 – Torre Fornello Award, Italy
2012 – First prize winner JEWELLERY ART CONTEST, International Baltic Jewellery Show ‘AMBER TRIP’, Vilnius Lithuania
Image 1
Cupido Minimus - Necklace from the "Crystal Odyssey" collection
Image 2
Prunum Regia - Necklace from the "Orbis Regius" collection
Image 3
Aeria Memoria - Brooch from the "Crystal Odyssey" collection