Findings Magazine

findings69 coverFindings is the ACJ printed magazine for members. Published twice a year and posted to members, it reviews shows, technical innovations, materials and subjects of interest to makers, collectors, galleries and museums.   

We are grateful for assistance from the Goldsmiths' Company, who have enabled us to publish these back issues online.


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  • Jewellery in New Zealand, Cynthia Cousensfindings11 Cover
  • SNAG conference 2000
  • Dancing Fools by Timothy
  • Brochure or not? Russell Wright explains
  • Alloy Hereford update
  • The Haystack Experience - Liz Tyler

Exhibition reviews

  • Jewellery from Austria, Lesley Craze
  • Alan Craxford, Oxford Gallery
  • Jack Cunningham 'Journey', Lighthouse
  • Adam Paxton, Scottish Gallery

Book reviews

  • Jewels & Jewellery, Clare Phillips
  • Robert Smit 'Empty House'
  • Programme for Sense of Wonder conferencefindings10 Cover
  • Living Treasures - Paul Derrez
  • Exhibiting in Poland
  • The Nickel Directive
  • VAT- the facts
  • Jewellery by post - Jacquline Mina advises

Exhibition reviews

  • Jane Adam, Ruthin Craft Centre
  • Emerging Talent 2000, Lesley Craze
  • Roger Morris, Riger Billcliffe Gallery
  • Flux II, Bristol

Book review

  • Schmuck der Moderne 1960-1998
  • Boxes & Lockets, Tim McCreight
  • Classic Loop-in-loop Chains
  • Ars Ornata Europeana 1999 reportfindings09 Cover
  • Sourcing supplies from abroad
  • History - the Oxford Gallery
  • Jewellery on the net
  • Flux group - Bristol
  • Co-operating in High Wycombe

Exhibition Review

  • Jacqueline Ryan & Giovanni Corvaja, Scottish Gallery

Book review

  • Friedrich Becker- Schmuck. Kinetik. Objecte.
  • Plans for Sense of Wonder conference 2000findings08 Cover
  • What turned you on to jewellery?
  • Living National Treasures - Graham Hughes
  • SNAG 1999 conference, Simon Fraser reports
  • Jewellers in France
  • Obits: Louise Slater, Shirley Bury
  • Sale or Return - the facts
  • Jewellery Exposed, mima

Exhibition Review

  • Print in Enamel

Book review

  • The Other Jewellery Book, Roger Barnes

 The very first issue of Findingsfindings01 Cover

  • The Founding of ACJ
  • Marjorie Schuck new piece in the V&A
  • New Technologies Symposium
  • Ars Ornata Europeana 1997


  • Japanese Contemporaries at Lesley Craze
  • Artisan, Edinburgh
  • New Designers
  • Oppi Untracht's Traditional Jewellery of India

plus events & exhibitions 



  • Obit, Nick Arberfindings07 Cover
  • The Wearer as Maker, Carole Leonard
  • Protection of intellectual rights in France
  • Mersey Jewellers & Metal Artists Network

Exhibition reviews

  • Brooching it Diplomatically - Madeleine Allbright's collection
  • Selection 99, Essen, report by Norman Cherry
  • Korean Jewellery, Oxford Gallery
  • Lost Cherries - Mark Woods & Rebecca Scott, Electrum
  • Decadence - Crafts Council
  • Caroline Broadhead - Bodyscape


  • Living National Treasures - Barbara Cartlidgefindings06 Cover
  • Feel it! Wear it! several reports from ACJ's Edinburgh conference
  • IT for jewellers
  • Research into Ancient Methods, Mike Pinder & Angus McFadyen

Exhibition reviews

  • Synthesis, jewellery by Maria Hanson, Scottish Gallery
  • Wendy Ramshaw, Picasso's Ladies, V&A
  • Malcolm Appleby Retrospective, Aberdeen
  • Sarah Parker Eaton's workshopfindings05 Cover
  • Susan Cross: teaching in India
  • Show me, show me - Simon Fraser on display
  • Droit de Suite - commission on resale
  • Contemporary Polish jewellery II
  • Natasha Heaslip on Urban Jewellery
  • Gijs Bakker in Brick Lane
  • Ars Ornata Europeana Stockholm report

Exhibition review

  • Jewellery Moves, NMS

Book review

  • Head, Heart and Hand, Hermann Junger


  • findings04 CoverContemporary Polish jewellery
  • Mizuko Yamada in Edinburgh
  • SNAG conference report
  • Enamellers conference report (BSoE)
  • New Hallmarking regulations

Exhibition reviews:

  • Inhorghenta 1998
  • 50 Pieces of Gold, CAA
  • Made to Wear, Lethaby Gallery

Book reviews:

  • Dictionary of Enamelling, Erika Speel
  • Gilian Packard Sponsorshipfindings03 cover
  • Holly Belsher 'Gone West'
  • Trade marks
  • Interview with Dazzle's Tony Gordon
  • Feel it Wear it - ACJ September 1998 conference
  • V&A Contemporary Jewellery study day

Exhibition reviews:

  • Peripheral Vision, Tasmania

Book reviews:

  • Arline Fisch Techniques in metal
  • Unclasped: Contemporary British Jewellery
  • Jewelry - Fundamentals of Metalsmithing Tim McCreight
  • Japanese Rokoshu patination (technical article)findings02 Cover
  • British Jewellers in Boston, Mass
  • Sotheby's auction of contemporary work
  • Gillian Packard obituary
  • Is your work being copied?
  • Au Couture - World Gold Council 22ct campaign
  • ACJ 98 Conference plans
  • ALLOY Herefordshire


  • Design Resolutions, Royal Festival Hall
  • Frozen Raindrops - Janna Syvanoja
  • Beguiling Brooches, Studio Fusion