Anne Farag

Anne Farag
Little Thornecroft
TQ13 7LX
Anne draws inspiration for her stunning jewellery from a variety of ancient influences. This can be seen in the way she combines semi-precious stones, beads and silver that has been intricately etched with a myriad of different patterns, to create strikingly original jewellery that is not only unique, but eminently wearable.Her latest passion is incorporating 24 Carat Keum Boo to her designs, which has added another dimension to her already unusual designs . She is widely collected .
2, Becoming a Designer / maker was a very happy accident . I was training to become a Diamond dealer , and my boss decided I ought to learn how jewellery was made ,so I could make more creative judgements when buying Diamonds.
Next thing I know I was enrolling on a full time course at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, and from the very first moment , I knew it was for me. I was in heaven .
So my love affair with making jewellery began with silver and then discovering the deep and varied beauty of Agates, jaspers and semi precious stones.
My long jewellery making trail has taken me into Art Nouveau/ art Deco/ethnic just to name a few .The last few years I have been totally mesmerised with etching . I first Started etching in my workshop , then after a frightening accident with the Acid [ another accident but not so happy ], I discovered photo etching , which I am pleased to say has totally revolutionised the way I worked, it’s freed me up to really concentrate on designing.
Which then led me to create what I now call my Window necklaces . The influence of ancient cultures that use decorative detail in unusual ways like on windows and doors . I have taken inspiration from there natural creativity
During this delicious process I have come to realise that my inheritance is playing [ Egyptian father and Swedish mother ] an unconsciously role . A strong mix of designs and exploration was bursting out of me.
Image 1
Montana agate and etched silver window necklace
Image 2
malachite and etched silver window necklace
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