Caroline Finlay

Caroline Finlay
Fire Station Creative
Carnegie Drive
Fife KY12 7AN
Caroline studied Jewellery Design at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen and makes distinctive, tactile and colourful enamelled jewellery and small pieces in from her studio in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.
She works mainly in silver and vitreous enamel, exploring traditional enamelling and jewellery making techniques in a spontaneous and experimental way to create mark making, textures and form inspired by the Scottish coastline.

Each stage is made by hand; Caroline prefers the fluidity this gives her work; nothing is identical and she enjoys the connection this gives her with each piece.
Both transparent and opaque enamels are used in variations of traditional Champleve and Basse-taille techniques as well as Stencilling and stoning, matt and glossy finishes.

Caroline loves and needs to use colour in her work and enamel gives her a palette that echoes the light, seascape, plants, flotsam and sealife found on the shoreline.
August - Dazzle Exhibition, Dovecot, Edinburgh

Alchemia Gallery, St. Andrews
Aosdana Gallery, Iona
Castle Gallery, Inverness
SH Jewellery, Edinburgh
Velvet Easel Gallery, Portobello, Edinburgh
Studio Fusion Gallery, London
The Arc Gallery, Chester
At Work Gallery, London
The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle
Element Jewellery, Hebden Bridge
Fenwick Gallery, Northumberland
Gallery 6, Newark
Gowan Jewellers, Herdfordshire
Hawksbys Gallery, Hawarth
Kath Libbert, Bradford
Montpellier Gallery, Stratford-upon-Avon
New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham
OCG Arts, Cumbria
Out of the Blue Gallery, Cornwall
Polka Dot Gallery, Taunton and Exeter
Primavera Gallery, Cambridge
Pyramid Gallery, York
Seed, Black Swan Arts, Frome
Spiral Gallery, Debenham
Beaumaris Jewellery Studio,
Mission Gallery, Swansea
​Gold Studio 60, Halle (Saale), Germany
Bleu, Hamburg, Germany
​Once In A Blue Moon, Martha’s Vineyard, USA
Image 1
Island Necklaces, silver & vitreous enamel
Image 2
Flotsam Earrings, silver & vitreous enamel
Image 3
Tidal Neckpiece, silver & vitreous enamel