Sophie Martin-Glinel
Studio 31
5-9 Creekside,
London SE8 4SA
Essemgé jewellery will take your signature style to the next level with elegant distinctive contemporary designs inspired by the harmony of geometric shapes and their strong symbolisms.

Each piece has been thoughtfully handcrafted by Sophie, the designer maker behind the award-winning brand.

Focusing on quality and versatility, Sophie creates pieces that give you the freedom to express yourself and be on top of your game every day. You will enjoy wearing them time and time again!

Each piece of our collections is an understated statement. You will find them incredibly easy to dress up or down depending on the circumstances. They are ideal for today’s active lifestyles and work environments. Feeling stylish, uplifted and inspired will give you the headspace to concentrate on what truly matters to you.

Essemgé jewellery will particularly appeal to those looking to elevate their look with everyday precious pieces, and reward themselves without looking to impress anyone else.

Sophie uses quality materials to combine playful modern silhouettes with exquisite thoughful craftsmanship. Final pieces are visually eye-catching yet highly wearable.

Subtle design and a great attention to details mean that each piece of jewellery feels personal.
FIVE@67York Gallery - London Craft Week - 10 to 14 May 2023

ACJ X Bluecoat Display Centre 'UNITY' exhibition - Eurovision-themed - April / June 2023

Curated Craft Online - online trade show by British Craft Directory / Home & GIftware Magazine - March 2023

SNAG @Tuscon 'Bring On The Gems' online exhibition - Q1/23

SNAG's 'Hope is Resiliency' Exhibition - NYC Jewelry Week - Nov 2022 / Jan 2023

ACJ's 'Meanings & Messages' Exhibition - 2022 / 2023

Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards Exhibition - March 2022

Digital Craft Festival - March 2021

DESIRE Chelsea - February / March 2020

Elements 5, Edinburgh - November 2019

Craft Central - June 2019

Artistar Jewels 2019 - Milan, IT - February 2019

Craft Central - February 2019

DESIRE Chelsea - March 2019

ArtHub Open Studios - December 2017

Craft Central - May 2017 & August 2017

Made in Highgate - April 2017

DESIRE Chelsea - March 2017

Elements 2, A Festival of Silver and Gold , Edinburgh - November 2016

Handmade Edinburgh - November 2016

Handmade at Kew - October 2016

I am Sophie, the designer maker behind award-winning jewellery brand Essemgé.
Essemgé stands for ‘SMG’, my initials with a French twist, in reference to my origins.

Conscious of today’s busy lifestyles and work environments, I create pieces that are versatile and practical yet eye-catching and inspiring, to give you choices of how you want to style them.

I draw inspiration from my experiences and surroundings.

In my earlier corporate career, I realised that every successful person has a strong individual signature style. Jewellery is an essential part of it. It makes them feel polished, confident and empowered.

My aim is to serve you with quality jewellery that is quietly assertive, sophisticated and timeless. Perfect for those who favour style and soul over fashion, and buy their own pieces. I absolutely love what I do – knowing that a piece of jewellery that I have designed is giving you the confidence boost and glow you need to help you realise your potential.

The surroundings of South East London where I have my studio, also influence my designs. The mix of urban, industrial and maritime heritage has created a visually striking landscape, where order meets chaos, old meets new, shiny meets rusty, established meets upcoming. It is the ideal environment to feed my imagination!

My other main passions include drawing, watercolour painting, antiques/vintage hunting/collecting, restoring/diy. They all contribute to inform my jewellery designs and aesthetics in various degrees.
Image 1
Semainier range - like the 7 days of the week, reflecting the inner life of the wearer
Image 2
From the Romantic range - Graphic Rose Dangle Earrings in silver and frosted rock crystal
Image 3
Stronger Than You Think brooch - selected to be part of 'Hope Is Resiliency' exhibition during NYC Jewelry Week 2022