Ashley Heminway

Ashley Heminway
My recent work is a narrative journey through my family tree to discover past professions, trades and locations. Using jewellery and found objects I have retold the stories of some of the individuals and commemorated my past. Exploring the work life of my ancestors revealed them to be skilled tradesman and women such as Carpenters, French Polishers, Tailors/ Tailoresses, Printers, Compositors, Optical Frame Makers, Cordwainers and Upholsterers, as well as unskilled labourers such as Agricultural Labourers, Railway workers, Carmen, Homemakers, Cleaners and Laundry workers. The inclusion of mundane items connected with some of these trades engages the viewer into reminiscing, and enriching the tale. Combining these alongside family treasures such as photographs, printed memorabilia, and tools has helped me to retell my family’s lives and create historical keepsakes, framed collections or one-off pieces of jewellery.
Camberwell College of Arts MA Designer Maker show 2011
Coastal Currents 2009/10
Hove Museum & Art Gallery ‘Contemporary Craft to Go’. 2008
Brighton open studios, Cross St Studio. 2006/7/8
The White Rock Theatre. 2007
Rock-a-Nore Gallery Hastings. 2006
The Stables Theatre, Hastings. Selected exhibition. 2005
The So-Co Gallery open house exhibition. 2005
Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery ‘Jewellery Unlimited. 2004
My studio work as a jewellery is predominantly in silver, copper and enamel and have recently began to include found objects and photographs . I use these materials to create wearable keepsakes, as I am interested in the sentimentality of objects both precious and mundane.

My work has appeared in jewellery unlimited, a 2004 exhibition, and publication, collated by the Association for Contemporary Jewellery, and Adorn, a 2008 publication by Amanda Mansell, these both reflect the diversity and strength of contemporary jewellers. As well as exhibiting collections, another important part of my work is interviewing individuals to create unique pieces of jewellery for them, based on their experiences.

I currently run the foundation degree in contemporary crafts practice specialising in metalwork and jewellery at Sussex Coast College Hastings. I work with many materials including copper, silver, pewter, brass and plastics and teach a range of techniques such as jewellery making, enamelling, mould making and casting. I also support students with professional practice and cultural and critical studies.
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