Cari-Jane Hakes

Cari-Jane Hakes
2021 - Handmade in Britain
2020 - Handmade in Chelsea
2019 - Turner: Northern Exposure, Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate
2017 - Inspired by Harrogate, Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate
2017 - Rings - Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds
2016 - Northern Star - Platform Gallery, Clitheroe
2015 - Handmade for Christmas - Millennium Gallery, Sheffield
2014 - “supbrooch” - One Wall Gallery Website, Featured artist (online exhibition)
Cari-Jane Hakes makes and designs jewellery in her workshop on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds in England.

She is originally from Glasgow, Scotland and learnt how to design whilst studying to become an Architect at the Universities of Bath and Cambridge. She ran a successful architectural practice in London for 10 years with her husband and fellow architect, Julian Hakes. They won a RIBA award for their Wycoller Visitors’ Centre in Lancashire and were selected by the Architect’s Journal for their ‘40 under 40’ - a selection of new and emerging design talent taken from architects in practice in the UK under the age of 40. Cari and Julian worked on a variety of buildings and structures from chapels to bridges in Boston, Massachusetts , USA, Moscow, Russia and Bristol, UK.

Whilst creating these designs for buildings and bridges Cari became focused on the details - the bits of architecture that scale a building down to the size of a human hand - a door handle, a handrail, a staircase, a bench. She began to learn the discipline of jewellery making and goldsmithing in 2005 at Morley College in London and began to make tiny pieces of ‘architecture’ using slightly more expensive materials.

Her designs draw on her architectural work and respond to particular natural phenomena. She will often use literature and traditional stories from northern latitudes as conceptual frameworks for her designs. She works in series, reducing the visible world and that expressed in the written word into pieces of wearable sculpture. She firmly believes that jewellery should be worn often, everyday perhaps, so much so that the pieces almost become part of the owner’s personality.
Image 1
A Murmuring Flock - brooch and pendant (2020)
Image 2
You've still got time necklace, pendant, brooch (2019)
Image 3
Murmuring Flock earrings (2020)