Hendrike Barz

Hendrike Barz-Meltzer
Hendrike Barz Meltzer (1974) is a German-born jewellery designer who is based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England.

The impulses for her pieces stem from a variety of sources. They are informed by an inherent aesthetic which someone once described as simply ‘German’.

Often it is a preference for the abstract, the simplicity of the line, drawn quickly on paper and then translated into materials. Her fascination lies in this design process, the pursuance of an ‘idea’ and the satisfaction when its interpretation into tangible materials has been successfully achieved. To this end numerous paper models will often act as a design aid or become ideas in themselves.

The materials are chosen for their inherent qualities or textures. The most recent work, combining Kumihimo silk braiding with silver elements, brings textures, colours and patterns into jewellery as well as a unique flexibility and softness that complements the metal elements.

Hendrike was born into a family where crafts and ‘making’ was very important and always present. This imbued her with a deep appreciation for the crafts and the design-and-making process. The 1989 political changes allowed her to travel to England and to embark on a career in Art & Design with a jewellery degree at Central St Martins.

Becoming more conscious of the historical complexities of her own background and influenced by her interest in history and the ‘human condition’, Hendrike took up free-lance work as a historical researcher. This then led to her working for a London-based family centre and the completion of two Master degrees, in Modern History and International Human Rights respectively. For some years these areas formed the paramount focus in her life.

Following the birth of her two children, the focus shifted once more and she felt a deep desire to return to creativity and a life of ‘making’.
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Silver & gold rings with re-used HDPE plastic discs
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'Recycle' Brooch
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Plant trees necklace