Kirsty Devis
Patrick Studio,
East Street Arts
St Mary's Lane
My Practise

Black and yellow combined are signs of warning, a call for awareness that is often overlooked, becoming so commonplace that it is thus disregarded. My initial inspiration has been observing these traces on the streets. Compositions emerged from the marks of life that are usually overlooked or seen as mistakes, leaving me to capture them.

The use of abstract drawing and jewellery is stimulated by a need of process and not just a means to an end. Creating stark composition on paper that are then translated into jewellery, the raw expression of my drawings provides a basic from which a refinement in objects can be cultivated. This act as an on-going conversation, accumulating in the exhibition of both drawing and jewellery

The marks gained through the process of drawing and making determine the aesthetics of my work. They are made for that purpose only, with no want or need for embellishment.


BA Degree Show - Three Dimensional Design, 2011, Manchester School of Art
New Designers, 2011, London
Great Northern Graduate, 2011, Manchester
Cast From Different Moulds - MA final show 2012, School of Jewellery, Birmingham
Oct 2012 – One Year On – Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Manchester
May 2013 – Future in the Making, Galvanize Sheffield 2013, MADE North Gallery, Sheffield
May 2013 – Sheffield Jewellery Day, Galvanize Sheffield 2013, MADE North Gallery, Sheffield
July-September 2013 – Northern Stars, Bluecoats Display Centre, Liverpool
Oct 2013 – Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. Manchester.
Oct 2013 – Made: London, London
April 2014 – Cabinet Gallery, Edinburgh
June – August 2014 – Ring Showcase, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton

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Image 1
Communication Brooches
Image 2
Untitled 1
Image 3
Starting Blocks