Dr Mahtab Hanna

Mahtab Hanna
Through my jewellery designs, the topic of politics and messaging through body adornment and art jewellery is brought to life as never before.

Political jewellery is about perspective: the ability to communicate an individual’s or group’s isolation and pessimism, and convert it to a method of communication to bring together people wanting to share values, beliefs or ideals, all in a single action.
March 2018
Research Exhibition - Central Saint Martins

January-March 2017
Silent Protest Political Jewellery – P21 Gallery London

March 2017
Spotlight 2017 - PhD cohort - Central Saint Martins, London

March 2016
Spotlight 2016- PhD cohort - Central Saint Martins, London

May 2014
A Stone's Throw Away- Susannah Lovis, Burlington Arcade, London

March 2014
Hold It!, The Art of the Modern Medal; British Art Medal Society Student Medal Project, New Ashgate Gallery

January 2014
Work In Progress, Royal College of Art

March 2013
Behind The Curlain, Goldsmiths' Centre (Royal College of Art Cohort)

January 2013
Work In Progress, Royal College of Art

December 2012
Gallerie Marzee, Netherlands (Royal College of Art Cohort)
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Dr Mahtab Hanna