Sheila Roussel

Sheila Roussel
13 Highfield Place
Sheila's designs are influenced by the beauty of natural forms, their vibrant colours and delicate structures. An ongoing collection of heirloom keepsakes, trinkets and charms adds further inspiration to her work.

Her designs evolve from immersing herself in making collages, sketching, photography and experimenting with a range of techniques and materials. Taking these initial ideas Sheila makes a variety of individual elements using textured sterling silver, hand patterned aluminium and semi-precious beads. These pieces are used either individually or combined with each other to create her jewellery collection. Sheila's passion for making is demonstrated in her delicate and unique, easy to wear pieces.
Image 1
Flower Hoops
Image 2
Snowdrop Earrings
Image 3
Sea Shell Pendant